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Narendra Singh

Village Dharampur Sarawagi Post Amboli

Tehsil Deoband-District Saharanpur-247554-India

Cell: 0091-7520220495


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing to apply for the Cleaner profile position. I have a great deal of experience as a Cleaner and working in the Auto industry for over 10 years.
v  Cleaning offices, toilets, kitchens, meeting rooms, main entrance, function hall, corridors and other facilities to a high standard

v  Working in hygienic conditions in the factory area.

v  To clean all meeting rooms including bathrooms according to motel standards and guidelines

v  Cleaned and removed stains from carpets using a steam cleaner and industrial strength chemicals

v  Removed and disposed all waste products according to motel guidelines and local state regulations.

v  Managed, documented, and reported all matters related to inventory control of cleaning materials and equipment


ü  I have ability to work about 16 Hrs. continues

ü  I am comfort with MS office all version.

ü  Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. on a frequent and sustained basis

ü  Minimum Leaves requirement

ü  Minimum salary requirement and more work efficiency


Note: — Immediate Availability                                 Sincerely, Narendra Singh


О кандидате



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